Strategy and Finance Committee


  • To advise the Council on the strategic and financial issues concerning the Association
  • To assist Council in the execution of Council policy and financial plans
  • To co-ordinate the activities of the Committees of Council

Terms of Reference:

  1. To identify for Council key issues facing the Association and legal information profession; to advise on policies and to determine objectives to deal with these issues; to present to the Council each year a [3 year] rolling strategy for achieving these objects
  2. To advise and direct Standing and other Committees in the performance of their functions in support of these policies and objectives and otherwise; to prescribe timetables for action where appropriate
  3. To review and decide matters arising from the plans or actions of Committees to ensure consistency with the Council’s strategy, policies or financial plans;
  4. To settle priorities and to take decisions where time does not permit a reference to the Standing Committee directly concerned or the Council; to refer such matters to the next meeting of the Council or Standing Committee concerned
  5. To assist in planning and controlling the finances of the Association including the drawing up of the Association’s accounts and the recommendations of subscriptions to be charged to members
  6. To propose an annual budget to Council including the setting of income targets and the monitoring of income and expenditure
  7. To review the financial plans of Standing Committee’s and any other proposals for expenditure or income and to make recommendations to the Council
  8. To assist the co-ordination of Council business in co-operation with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Association
  9. To keep under review all matters concerning the Constitution of the Association; its regulations and standing orders

BIALL Committees

BIALL committees are in charge of organising activities, events, publications and other products of interest to the BIALL community. Committees help keep BIALL running and find ways to help BIALL support it’s members in the best way possible.

If you are interested in volunteering for a BIALL committee, please see the Nominations & Volunteers Committee page for details of how to do so.

Rob Turner

Rob Turner


Committee Members

Peter Wilson, Vice Chair

Janine Williamson

Louise James

Louise Tobin

Renate Ni Uigin, Council Liaison,

Karen Crouch

Sean Barr

Daniel Bates, Web Liaison

Latest News

New Website

New Website

We have had the same website for BIALL for quite a while so we decided it was time for a change. Time for us to get a website that looked as good on a mobile device or tablet as it does on a desktop. We hope you like what we have done with this site.