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Can’t believe how quickly the run has gone! We have reached our last performances (in Edinburgh at least!). If you are in Edinburgh do come and see our final performances at 14:10 and 18:20. #TomorrowAndTomorrowAndTomorrow #RunningWithGhosts #edfringe @theSpaceUK @MulbArts

Our very good friend Dave Neita @PoetryLawyer is in Edinburgh with his one-man show Uplift, which illuminates the significant contributions made by the Windrush Generation. Congratulations on your ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review! @theSpaceUK #edfringe

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“To say Fin Kennedy and the Mulberry School for Girls are one of the best writer/education partnerships there is doesn’t do them justice. To say they’re one of the best companies at the Fringe comes closer”

The Scotsman on Fringe First winning Mulberry Theatre Company

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